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How to Twitter - Update your Twitter Status


How do I update my Twitter Status? How do I tweet?


To tweet on your twitter account, first sign up for twitter by going to and click "SIGN UP NOW". Follow the directions to sign up and then once you are signed in you should be taken to a page that says, "What are you doing?" Just type in the box whatever it is you want to tweet to your followers and click update.

You can also update your status on Twitter on the go through your cell phone. On the main page of twitter, after you login, click on Settings in the top right corner, and then click on Devices in the top middle menu. On the devices page you will find directions for entering your cell phone number to your twitter account so that you can receive the updates of the people you follow through your mobile phone and so that you can send your own updates through your mobile phone. This service is free, unless your mobile phone carrier charges a fee for text messages. If you have unlimited text messages, then it should be all free. Enter your phone number on this page to allow Twitter to send you text messages when someone you are following makes a tweet. Click the box to allow Twitter to send you messages. Once you click save, twitter will ask you to verify your cell phone. Follow the directions to verify it and you are good to go.

Once your phone is verified, you can send your own updates by text message by sending your 140 or less-character message to Twitter's SMS number.
- For people in the US, send to 40404
- For people in Canada, send to 21212
- For people in India, send to 5566511
- If you're not in the US, Canada or India, send to the UK long code +447624801423

Once again these messages could cost you money if your cell phone plan does not include unlimited texting.

To view your profile page that others can see with your tweeting history, click on profile at the top of twitter and it will take you there.

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