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Twitter Background Dimensions


What should the dimensions be of a twitter background? How many pixels should I make my twitter background? How big do I make my twitter background in inches? What screen resolution do I need to fit my twitter background for?


Twitter has no gotten rid of the old big Twitter background and replaced it with a Twitter header that goes behind your twitter profile picture.

Check out this article to find the new dimensions: Twitter Header Dimensions & Twitter Profile Pic Size

The rest of the info below here is for historical reference to the old Twitter Backgrounds:

OLD DISCONTINUED BACKGROUNDS: When you make a background for your twitter page you have to take a few things into consideration to make sure it is the right size and will look good to all internet users.

You want to include people with all different screen resolutions(see definition below) so that everyone that views your twitter account will see it in the best way possible. Usually the best way to do this is to try to make the background work perfectly for 1024x768 and then also extend it some and fade out the edges so it will work for people with large monitors and higher screen resolutions. We have 30 inch monitors and 95% of backgrounds we find are cut off on the edges or messed up because of the size of the monitor and the high screen resolution. If you want it to look the best it can, you should avoid this.

In our opinion the smallest size to make a background should be 1600w x 900h pixels (or 22.222 inches by 12.5 inches). But if you have a huge image that can fit, the size that would accomodate just about all screen resolutions would be 2500w x 1600h pixels (34 inches by 22 inches).

If you go as big as 2500x1600 you don't need to fade out any edges on your background, but if you go any smaller than that its best to fade out the right side and bottom of your background image. Otherwise people with high screen resolutions will see a sharp cut edge at the right and bottom sides of your background and it won't look good. Make sure whatever color you fade it to on the bottom and right sides is all the same color and that you put that color code into your Twitter settings in the Design section. Twitter automatically makes backgrounds left top aligned so this is why you must fade out the right and bottom part of the background.

To add the faded background color to your Twitter settings:

  • Go to your Twitter Account and click Settings on the top right corner.
  • Click Design in the top menu.
  • Click change design colors.
  • Click on the Background box and enter the color hexacode in the right top of that box where you see six numbers.
  • All colors have hexacode characters that stand for that specific color. For instance pure black is 000000 and pure white is ffffff. There are hexacode charactes for every color and every shade of every color. You'll need to find the color hexacode for the color you used to fade out the right and bottom sides of your background.

What is screen resolution?

The screen display resolution of your computer monitor is referring to the number of pixels that can be displayed. The most common screen resolution used by people on the internet is 1024x768 meaning the number of columns and rows of pixels creating the computer screen display. 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high. Some people use the lower screen resolution of 800x600 which shows less of a webpage than 1024x768. The outer areas are cut off in 800x600(so if you are on 800x600 please switch! you have no idea what you are missing on websites).

Most websites are made to fit 1024x768 and most of them also work in all screen resolutions higher than 1024x768(those higher just see more space on the sides and bottom of webpages when browsing the web). but when making Twitter Backgrounds we have to be careful to include higher resolutions by not having background images that are cut straight at the edge. When we fade them out to the same color on the right and bottom edges it makes the layout look 1000 times better on higher resolutions because those monitors show a lot more background around the twitter page.

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