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How to Set Wallpaper on Mobile Devices


How do I set my mobile wallpaper on my cell phone, smart phone or mini laptop? How to set wallpaper on iPhone, iPad, iPod, blackberry, droid, PSP, netbook?


To set your mobile device wallpaper, find the wallpaper you want in our wallpaper section (menu on the left), click on the correct screen resolution to download the wallpaper, it will open in your browser on our download page and once it's loaded, follow the directions (linked below) depending on which mobile device you are using. If you want to search our mobile device wallpapers from a regular computer, you can email yourself the wallpaper image or a link to the image, then access that e-mail from your mobile device to set the wallpaper:

iPhone, iPad, iPod Wallaper Instructions

Droid Wallpaper Instructions

Blackberry Wallpaper Instruction

PSP Wallpaper Instructions

Netbook, Mini-Laptop Wallpaper Instructions

Other Cell Phones or Mobile Devices not covered above

To set the wallpaper on your cell phone or mobile device, follow these directions:

  1. Find the wallpaper you like on our site(left menu), tap and hold the picture and then save it.
  2. Next you need to set the image you just saved as your wallpaper.
  3. Find the image you just downloaded on your mobile device and see if there is a button or menu that will let you set it as wallpaper or check your cell phone manual(search online) to see how to access your wallpaper settings and see if you can set your wallpaper from there. If all else fails, search online for the exact cell phone you have and someone should have posted directions on setting the wallpaper for your specific phone.

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