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Change or Remove Table Background Colors in Myspace 2.0


How do I change the table background colors of my myspace tables in Myspace 2.0? How do I get rid of the table background color in 2.0?


If you want to change the background color of your myspace tables (the boxes that hold your info in two columns on your myspace profile) in Myspace 2.0 just look into the following code and adjust the background color number in the DIV.moduleMid2 section.

Here is an example of one of our 2.0 layout codes below:

Look through the layout code until you see where the section is that starts with "DIV.moduleMid2" (in the middle of the code). Underneath DIV.moduleMid2 you will see "background:". Right now the background color number is set to black. The color number for black is #000000. You can change this to any color number you want or to make it easier you can just write background-color: black or background-color: pink but if you choose to write pink instead of using a color number you can only get one generic color of pink.

Here is the DIV.moduleMid2 section separated from the code to show you specifically what to change:

Change the color number next to "background: #000000;" to choose a different color. Here are some common colors: #000000 is black and #ffffff is white. You can also write black, white, pink, green, red, yellow, blue, teal, hotpink, etc. In this case it would look like "background: black;" You can play around until you find a color that works.

For Myspace 2.0 use the # number sign before the color if you are using color numbers and if you are using a word like black or green, then don't use the number sign. Example: background: black; or background: #020202 - both of these are correct.

To remove the background colors completely so you can see your background through the tables just leave the background color blank. The code would look like this (if there is a table top image and no background color):

Notice there is no background color in the above code right after the word background and above the url. Or if there is no url for a table top image, to remove the background color it would look like this:

For a wider range of color options we will be adding a color picker to this section so you can choose more specific colors.

To change the table background colors in Myspace 1.0 go to

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