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How to Fix Layout Not Showing Up Correctly in 1.0


I'm trying to add a 1.0 layout to my Myspace but the text colors or border colors are wrong? It seems to be combining 2 layouts together? The 1.0 layout is messed up and I can't figure out why? I'm trying to remove an old 1.0 layout code to use a layout from myspace but I keep seeing part of both layouts?


If your 1.0 layout code isn't showing up correctly or you can't get rid of a background or a layout sites ad on your profile, most likely you had a layout already set in your profile or you customized your myspace profile through myspaces 1.0 editor and it is trying to read both sets of code. Sometimes the problem is left over code in other sections of your profile.

First, remove the layout code you want to use(save it somewhere so you can put it back into your profile when you are done cleaning it out) and go back through myspace making sure NO theme is chosen through the Myspace 1.0 editor and checking to see that you haven't changed any text colors or background/border colors through myspaces 1.0 editor.(if you have trouble getting into the 1.0 editor or you need directions on how to clear all your changes with the editor, click here) Once all these areas are cleared, then re-add the code you wanted to use and see if it works. If you are trying to remove a code so that you can use one of myspace's provided themes, then remove all the code the same way and go back and choose one of their themes and try to save it.

Here are more specific directions to clear out all code from your profile.

To clear out your profile of all layout editing you may have done, go to and login.

Click PROFILE In the top menu and click EDIT PROFILE in the drop down menu.

In Myspace 1.0:

  1. First remove the code you are trying to use and save it somewhere so you can get it back when you are done cleaning up your profile.
  2. Look through all your sections (About Me, Who I'd like to Meet, General, etc.) and make sure you did not add any code to them that needs to be cleared. Don't accidentally erase your text, but make sure there are no codes from other websites that might be interfering with the layout code you are currently trying to use.
  3. Clear all code that you may have made with the 1.0 Profile Editor(directions to get into the Profile 1.0 Editor and to clear all changes are here).
  4. Once you've checked every section for left over code, check your profile and see if its completely back to the default blue and orange profile so you can be sure its cleared of everything.
  5. Then put the code you are trying to use back into your About Me section and click Save Changes to see if that worked. If it didn't then it may be that something is wrong with the code you are adding. Alert the person or company that made the code so they can fix it for you.
  6. Also make sure you are not previewing the layout to see if it works. Myspace's preview function in 1.0 does not work right with layouts added so make sure you save changes and then check your actual profile. Sometimes you have to save more than once to get it to show up.
  7. Make sure that you fill out the CAPTCHA code that myspace asks you for when you try to save changes to your profile after adding a layout to the About Me section. Make sure you do that before checking for changes.
  8. If none of this worked, try logging out and logging back in. Sometimes that helps.

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