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How to Put layout in Band Myspace Profile?


How do I change my layout in a band myspace profile? How to put a layout in a musician profile?


To apply a layout to a band/artist/musician profile, follow these directions:

  1. Either search our layouts made specifically for band/musician profiles here or search through our entire website until you find a regular 1.0 layout you want to use.
  2. Go to the Layout Details page of the layout you want to use by clicking on Details.
  3. Click inside the 1.0 ThemeCode box on the right of the layout image. It should automatically select the entire myspace theme code.
  4. Press Control+C at the same time to copy the myspace theme code. You can also right click in the themecode box and then choose copy from the drop down box to copy the code. Either way will copy the myspace code.
  5. Make sure you look at the themenotes down below the code box to see if there are any details you need to know about the layout you picked.
  6. If you picked a layout from our Band Profile Layouts section you can also find directions here on how to tweak our band profile codes to customize your band layout and add your own band picture or band logo to the top of our layout.
  7. Once you have your 1.0 code ready, go to your band myspace profile at and log in.
  8. Click on Edit Profile on your home page. If you have trouble finding Edit Profile on the homepage you can also find it by clicking on PROFILE in the top blue menu and in the drop down box you will see Edit Profile.
  9. Click on MUSICIAN DETAILS and find the BIO box.
  10. Click Edit to the right of the BIO box and click inside the Bio box.
  11. If you have themecode from a recent myspace layout you added, make sure to remove that code before entering a new myspace theme code.
  12. Press Control+V to paste the myspace profile theme code into your BIO section. You can also right click underneath your BIO text and choose Paste from the drop down box. Either way will paste the myspace code.
  13. Scroll to the bottom of the BIO Edit page, and click PREVIEW. The preview is not going to look correct. It never reads the code the same as your real profile page. Just ignore the look of the preview page, your actual page will probably look the way its supposed to.
  14. Then click SUBMIT on the preview page. After you click submit it will take you back to the Band Profile Edit page. That page will have our design on it also and it won't look right, just ignore it. No one will see that but you. If you click PROFILE in the top menu and then MY PROFILE in the drop down box you will see your profile the way the public will be able to see it and the layout should show up fine on there.


  • Only 1.0 layout codes or a code made specifically for a band profile will work in Band profiles. Most 1.0 codes work for band profiles but every once in awhile a 1.0 layout may not be compatible with a band profile. If you run into that problem with one of our 1.0 layouts, contact us through our contact form and give us the link to the layout on our site that you want to use and let us know its for a band profile. We will make the code work for a band profile and email you the fixed code.
  • If you want to add your own band picture or band logo to one of our layouts at the top of your band profile, you can find directions here. If you have trouble adding it to one of our layouts, just send us a message through our contact form and include a link to the layout on our site you want to use and a link to your band picture so we can help you add it. We only do these services if you are using our layouts, so make sure you choose one of our layouts first.

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