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Remove Top Corner Ad Link In Layout


How do I remove that corner image link to the layout site that is on top of my layout? How do I get rid of the corner box link from the layout website?


Pick out a layout you like from our website (unless you already have layout code from somewhere else)

Then paste the code into your myspace and scroll to the bottom of the code.

Find the following code at the very bottom of the code and delete it:

That will remove the link. It's easy to find this section of code in most layouts, its at the very bottom of all of's 1.0 codes. Our 2.0 codes don't have the top corner link so you don't have to worry about it for those.

As for removing the top corner link in layouts from other websites, just right click the top corner image link and choose View Image. When you see that image all by itself in your browser, click on the url link and Ctrl-c to copy the link. Then open the code in a file, you can paste the layout code into an email or a word document or a notepad file. Then do a search with ctrl-f and look for the url you copied from that link image. Once you find that url in the layout code, the code around it should look similar to the code in the code box above. Remove that section between the div tags and that should get rid of the top corner link their layout site.

Please keep in mind: If you take the link out of a layout code from us or anyone else, you should put a text link in your about me section to where you got your layout. These websites work hard to provide tons of free layouts and if they don't get any credit for it they won't be able to keep making layouts for free. The reason they started putting the image link in the top corner is because people would remove their text credit in the About me section the way layouts used to have it. The more people removed their small text credit in the About Me section (when it was non-invasive and not so annoying) the more motivated the layout sites were to find annoying ways to link to their website so they would get some credit. Plus its copyright infringement if you don't give credit and link to the site that made your layout (most require some link to their site somewhere on your page) so its best to add it in somewhere if you remove the top corner link.

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