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Scroll Box in About Me for 1.0


How can I put a scroll box in the About Me section on Myspace 1.0? How do I make the Blurbs section into a scroll box?


To put a scroll box into your myspace page, in the About Me or Interests, or to Replace the WHOLE Blurbs section, follow these directions:

Here is the code to put in your About Me for a scroll box inside your About Me. This means that you will still see your Blurbs Header and border(if you have one)and your About Me and Who I'd like to meet sections and this scroll box will show up inside the About Me text area. Just put that into your About Me section (or Interests) and adjust the height and width and border colors and styles to what you want:

Or a much cooler way to use a scroll box is to replace the whole Blurbs/About Me/Who I'd like to Meet box with this scroll box. Follow these directions to replace the Blurbs Box with a scroll box:

  1. First remove the border from the Blurbs section. If you have all borders turned off then you are fine. If you need borders, then turn off just the blurbs section(find the code to turn off borders on specific myspace tables here).
  2. Next you need to turn off the Blurbs text header, About Me subheader and Who I'd like to Meet subheader.
  3. Turn off the Blurbs Header - Directions.
  4. Turn off the About Me & Who I'd Like to Meet Subheaders - Directions.
  5. Now that the border on the Blurbs section is off and you have the Blurbs, About Me and Who I'd like to Meet headers turned off, make sure you take out any text in the Who I'd like to Meet section. Just go to Edit Profile and delete all text in the Who I'd like to Meet box.
  6. Now everything in the Blurbs section should be turned off except the About me actual text (that shows up underneath the words About Me on a regular profile).
  7. The last thing you need to do is add the following scroll box code to the top of your About Me section, its set to a width of 439 because that is the width of the right columns in myspace, you can change the height to what you want it to be. You can also edit the border colors, style, and border-width to match your other borders:

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